Pieter Paul Rubens, "Il Giudizio di Salomone" (1617) - Olio su tela, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenaghen

Looking for legal protection?

If you are looking for legal protection, the Negozio Giuridico is the right place. Find out what this section offers.

Lawyers of peace, not war

Who is the Negozio Giuridico lawyer? She is curious, someone who pays attention to her environment and attempts to understand in which direction the world and the society she lives in are evolving, who attempts to step beyond her own personal perspective and take on a larger one, as a member of a local and global community.

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Extrajudicial assistance

"Dante e Virgilio" - Divina Commedia, Giovanni di Paolo (c. 1444-1450), Londra, British Museum

The primary goal of the Negozio Giuridico lawyer is to empower clients with the tools to solve their problem themselves. 

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Legal Consultancy

Hyeronimus Bosch, Il Prestigiatore (1502), olio su tavola, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Musee Municipal

Legal advice is, along with extrajudicial assistance, the raison d’être and the essence of the service the Negozio offers its clients. All services are:

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Other services

Mercato medievale. Miniatura di "Etica, Politica e Economia" - Aristotele (XV secolo) - Rouen, I.2 927

The presence of skilled and experienced professionals enables the Negozio Giuridico to offer, as well as legal advice, other relevant services. 

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