Lawyers of peace, not war

Who is the Negozio Giuridico lawyer? She is curious, someone who pays attention to her environment and attempts to understand in which direction the world and the society she lives in are evolving, who attempts to step beyond her own personal perspective and take on a larger one, as a member of a local and global community. She is a professional who, faced with the ever increasing speed of change around her, begins to feel uncomfortable with the “traditional” role of the lawyer, a stagnant role that is ever more distant from the needs of society. She is a professional who, putting herself at stake, attempts to marry modernity and tradition, and the positive aspects of each – and this usually means opting for a less formal approach, one which, nonetheless, preserves all the rigor and precious teachings of the lawmaking tradition.

More than anything though, the Negozio Giuridico lawyer is someone who does not believe that all human relations should be a duel to the death: he does not see himself as merely an “sword arm” of the client who aims to vanquish an adversary; rather, he is the active subject of a “non-zero sum” game, in which the opponent is a necessary adversary, who requires both respect and consideration.

Such a view will make it possible to successfully settle controversies, with long-lasting agreement, while also conciliating the opposing interests of the parties in a way suggested by the parties themselves. In other words, the Negozio Giuridico will help her client be an active part in the controversy, encourage him to reflect upon his rights and duties: why should one accept that a stranger – the judge –, on the indication of two other strangers – the lawyers - dictate one’s life, when it will be the client who will have to bear the consequences of the ruling?

That is, why leave an indifferent and unaware third party to decide when one can see their child, or play their role within a company, how to use a jointly-owned good, or how to split an inheritance?

In conclusion, a lawyer of peace, not one of war. Such is the Negozio Giuridico lawyer.