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Legal Consultancy

Legal advice is, along with extrajudicial assistance, the raison d’être and the essence of the service the Negozio offers its clients. All services are:

Qualified and professional.  

The Lawyers active in the Negozio are all Italian Bar Association certified professionals, and therefore subject to all the relevant deontological obligations, including competence and continuous professional training.

Free and independent.

The Negozio is not an association or interest group: it does not need a large number of members in order to receive state subsidies, gain visibility, or “weight” from the public sector. It has no interest in suggesting behaviors that may establish legal precedents of which it can later boast; rather, its only objective is to act in the interest of the client. There is no need to acquire membership cards or pay subscriptions.

Anonymous and free of obligations.

The client and lawyer relationship in the Negozio is strictly personal; the client’s data are only ever requested for invoicing purposes. As a further guarantee, the lawyer, as a registered member of the Bar, is always bound by attorney/client confidentiality.

Humane and individually-tailored response.

At the Negozio, clients will encounter a professional to assist them in the clear identification of the issue at hand, who then offers the most appropriate advice. There is no longer the need to write to a paper or magazine in the hopes that one’s case will be examined.

Resolution oriented.

The objective of the Negozio lawyers is to provide clients with the tools to solve their problem themselves, avoiding if possible a recourse to the courts. The lawyer will therefore suggest, first and foremost, non-litigious methods and approaches (e.g., resorting to family mediation or out-of-court settlement).

Mahatma Gandhi, who in his youth practiced Law, was fond of quoting an Indian proverb according to which, “having to begin a trial is a defeat; losing one is a tragedy”.

Clear and predetermined fees.

At the Negozio Giuridico, the applicable fee is based upon the service provided and time involved. The basic rate is 80.00 € VAT included for a 30-minute consultancy, which then varies according to the service provided, as clearly indicated in the price list displayed at the Negozio.